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Netw0rm is the first indie title from Cuddly Zombies Games - an 80's sci-fi inspired action game in which the player takes on a number of large corporations as an anonymous hacker, selling or leaking stolen data files, syphoning credits from secret accounts and earning credibility amongst their peers.

They get to see the consequences of their actions as the news media reacts to the data they leak, then use their ill-gotten gains to purchase upgrades to their hardware, and install new ICE-breakers and tools to enable runs on bigger and more lucrative servers in the future.

The game has now been greenlit and I as soon as the final version is for sale on Steam, Unfortunately due to VAT I cannot sell this game through itch.io any more, but interested customers can now purchase the game through Steam.


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Why not give a steam key then for those that had it here?

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Yep, that's true. Sorry about that - I was using this site to distribute a pre-release "demo" version of the game, and handed out steam keys to everyone who had bought it when the finished version became available on Steam.

Ultimately I took the download link down because I couldn't maintain two versions of the game. Once you integrate the Steamworks DRM stuff into a project in Unity, it's a pretty major job to strip it all out again to make a non-steam version of the game. As my sales here were very low, I reluctantly took the decision to stop offering the game here.

Apologies if this has caused you trouble - if you are a Steam user, you can purchase the finished version of this game on Steam for (iirc) $1.49 or something pretty close to that.

Can't find anything to download.

Hacking stuff like the 80's never ended

Badass soundtrack (artist?)

Groovy graphics

Awesome game!