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Why not give a steam key then for those that had it here?

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Yep, that's true. Sorry about that - I was using this site to distribute a pre-release "demo" version of the game, and handed out steam keys to everyone who had bought it when the finished version became available on Steam.

Ultimately I took the download link down because I couldn't maintain two versions of the game. Once you integrate the Steamworks DRM stuff into a project in Unity, it's a pretty major job to strip it all out again to make a non-steam version of the game. As my sales here were very low, I reluctantly took the decision to stop offering the game here.

Apologies if this has caused you trouble - if you are a Steam user, you can purchase the finished version of this game on Steam for (iirc) $1.49 or something pretty close to that.

Can't find anything to download.

Hacking stuff like the 80's never ended

Badass soundtrack (artist?)

Groovy graphics

Awesome game!